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What size does my image need to be?

For a really good quality canvas print we recommend that your image is at least 500kb even for the smaller sized prints. The larger the image size the better and sharper the final canvas print will be.

For larger sized canvas prints (+30 " x 40") we recommend at least a 1MB image but again the bigger the original image the better the final canvas print will be. You can upload up to 5MB on our website so if you do have a higher resolution image then please upload the highest sized image you have as it will result in a far sharper and clearer image.

What is Gallery Wrapping?

Gallery wrapping is the method used when stretching a canvas print so that the image  wraps around the sides of stretcher bars (frame).

The size I want isn't listed. Can you supply my canvas print in a custom size?

Yes this is not a problem. We can accomodate most sizes, simply contact us by email or phone with with your request.

How long until I can expect my canvas to arrive? How long will it take for my canvas to arrive?

Please allow 7 - 10 days for your canvas art to be delivered. If you are not in, the courier will leave a card. If you receive a card please contact the courier company in the first instance. Deliveries can arrive at anytime between 9am - 5.30pm, so if you are not in during the day it may be easier to arrange the delivery to be made to your work address.

How do I look after my canvas print?

Do not expose your canvas print to strong heat (e.g, directly above a hot radiator or heater, or fire) or excessive moisture. Do not use any chemical cleaning agents, fluids or spray's on your canvas. To remove dirt or splashes wipe very gently with a well wrung, soft damp cloth, then allow to dry. To remove dust you can use a low powered vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment, a feather duster, or a light static cleaning cloth.